Project Management

Motor City Computer Project Management

Motor City Computer project managers will work with you to help decide which service best fits your organizational goals. Whatever your choice of service you can rest assured your organization is protected by doing the “right thing”. Motor City Computer’ policies and procedures ensure your idle assets are processed correctly allowing you to focus on other initiatives.

” A recent US study found that over 315 million computers will become obsolete by the year 2004 – and this is an underestimate. Reliable numbers were not available for the number of computers manufactured between 1980 and 1992″.

“Gartner has long advised enterprises to formalize a process for disposal of PC equipment and devices. Continue to budget for the cost of equipment disposal when it reaches end of life. Although this law is limited to purchases made in California , its adoption within a market as large as California will accelerate the trend in other states. Prepare accordingly. Consumers should expect the cost of recycling to be passed on to them in the form of higher prices.”

During project plan development, pilots are conducted to validate technical solutions and to ensure consistent results. From these validations and the customer’s requirements, the following set of completion criteria or milestones are established for the project:

  1. A communication plan is built to ensure proper change control for the duration of the project.
  2. A risk plan is defined to assess critical success factors and develop contingency plans as needed.
  3. A timeline is developed to track completion to the project schedule.

These steps define and reinforce quality criteria.

During the performance phase of a project, each element of the project plan is monitored closely. The project is managed against the Statement of Work (SOW) that identifies the completion criteria. The success of the project is dependent upon an experienced and well trained set of eyes and ears evaluating changes, monitoring progress, and communicating status and changes to/from the customer and project team. By constantly updating the project plan, Motor City Computer’ Project Managers can mitigate risk and ensure quality results.

Quality of service is often a perception of the customer’s feelings toward the caliber of the people working on the project. Motor City Computer has individuals who have a proven record in project management. The level of communication provided by the Project Team also determines this perception. Our project management practices stress the importance of keeping the customer aware of the condition of the project through regular status reports, risk management, milestone tracking, and customer sign off on phase completion.

Process Driven

Motor City Computer has processes in place for every phase of our company’s operation. These processes provide the necessary structure and balance that enable Motor City Computer to provide superior service to our customers. Our quality and change management programs help us to refine and redefine our processes as we seek to continuously make improvements in our operation, customer service, and customer satisfaction.

Every problem is viewed as an opportunity to improve and refine our process. Motor City Computer uses the Process for Continuous Improvement (shown below) to resolve each problem.

This process highlights how Motor City Computer is process driven.

Process for Continuous Improvement

The process for continuous improvement is described as follows:

The problem is identified. Problems can be identified from several sources such as our own employees, customer feedback, performance measurements, the Help Desk organization, IS organization, etc.

Appropriate analysis is performed to understand customer requirements and problem origin findings. The analysis findings are applied to current processes/procedures.

Recommended action(s) are compiled and all appropriate personnel review an associated timeline for execution.

Measurements in place will serve as verification that the action(s) implemented met the objectives.

The process for continuous improvement begins again at step 1.

We also benchmark our service offerings against our competitors to ensure that we become and continue to be the premier provider of services to our customers. Accompanying the process of monitoring and reporting is an associated set of planning processes, which set into action quality improvement projects and continues to measure how well those projects improve quality.

The reporting and improvement process will assure that the quality of our service exceeds customer expectations and will allow Motor City Computer to be viewed as a world-class service provider. Motor City Computer’ measurement system will continually monitor current performance on service commitments. Comprehensive reporting, improvement planning, and attainment are paramount to quality assurance.