Data Removal/Destruction

Data Security
Intel based IT assets may be processed according to Department of Defense 5220.22M standards.

Upon receipt of the unit at the asset retirement facility each shipment is assigned a job number for processing, tracking, reporting and settlement basis.

A unique barcode is applied to each unit.
a) The barcode label is recorded in the database
b) Asset tag number and serial numbers are recorded in the database and asset tags are physically removed from the unit.

Units are then sent to the configuration station where the details regarding the configuration and functionality of the unit are entered into the database.

Units destined for hard drive erasure will be processed through a tightly controlled procedure that Motor City Computer has certified will guarantee complete erasure of all data and overwriting the hard drive sectors with random characters using the Department of Defense standard DOD 5220.22M.

At the Data Removal Station units are booted from the Motor City Computer hard drive erasure floppy disk.

The data removal software overwrites data from each of the disk drives associated with the unit.
a) The software overwrites a character, its complement and a random character to each sector on the hard drive.

The technician confirms that (1) he has run the data removal software, and (2) that he has visually confirmed that the software has overwritten the physical drives and states success.

Hard drives that fail the data erasure process will be removed from the unit and set aside for degaussing.

Technician will place a sticker on the back of the machine confirming the data erasure was successful.

Technician will place a sticker on the hard drive confirming the hard drive was degaussed.
a) Motor City Computer will accumulate hard drives that have been degaussed and based on quantity will deliver to the shredding facility.

Motor City Computer will perform a random audit of machines based on client requirements to insure DOD compliance.